Version 3.7 is considered to be the final version. New features will only be implemented as part of a new project. Of course, bug fixes and support will be provided as usual.


  • Introduced new feature: Swimming
  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Swim Speed Multiplier”. Defines the multiplier which is applied to the character movement speed when the character is swimming
  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Swimming Start Height”. Defines the local water height at which the character should start to swim. Gizmo available for easier setup
  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Dive Only When Swimming Forward”. If set to true, the character starts to dive only when moving forward (or backwards). Otherwise, the character remains in an upright stance
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Underwater Fog Color”. Defines the fog color which should be applied when the camera below the water surface
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Underwater Fog Density”. Defines the fog density which should be applied when the camera below the water surface
  • Introduced new RPGCamera methods “EnableUnderwaterEffects()” and its counterpart “DisableUnderwaterEffects()”. Enables/disables the visual underwater effects which should be applied once the camera is below water surface. Use these two methods to implement your own visual effects.
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Underwater Threshold Tuning”. Gives the possibility to fine-tune the threshold where the camera is seen as underwater. The higher the value, the earlier the underwater effects kick in
  • Complete overhaul and simplification of the provided Animator Controller
  • New demo with character model and new animations
  • Fixed camera jittering which sometimes occurred when the character was aligning with the camera
  • If the character is stunned, the camera can now continue to orbit around the character with RM or the alignment input pressed
  • Added the possibility to stun the character during the demo (button ‘T’)
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Updated to the newest Unity stable release


  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Unlimited Airborne Moves”. If set to true, the number of allowed moves while airborne is unlimited
  • Introduced new RPGMotor method “Stun(duration)” which stuns the character for “duration” seconds, disabling movement and transitioning into the new “Stunned” animator state
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Align Character Speed” which controls the character-to-camera turning speed
  • Character fading now correctly depends on the distance between the camera and the character
  • Small logical adjustments


  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Move With Moving Ground”. If set to true, the character will stay on moving objects like moving platforms
  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Rotate With Rotating Ground”. If set to true, the character will rotate with rotating objects while standing on them
  • Introduced new RPGMotor variable “Ground Object Affects Jump”. If set to true, the jumping direction gets affected by the (moving) object the character was standing on
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Rotation Stopping Input” for setting which input should be pressed to pause automatic camera rotation with the character (only usable if “Rotate With Character” is set to “Rotation Stopping Input”)
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Alignment Input” for setting which input should be pressed to align the character’s view direction with the camera view direction (only usable if “Align Character” is set to “On Alignment Input”)
  • Updated the demo scenes for the new features
  • Updated the GUI layout
  • Updated the manual for using the RPGCamera with Unity’s ThirdPersonController standard asset
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug when the RPGController and RPGCamera were used independently
  • Added instructions to the Documentation folder for using the RPGCamera with Unity’s ThirdPersonController standard asset
  • New RPGCamera variable “Rotate With Character” which lets you set if the camera should rotate as well when the character turns
  • Minor code additions and changes


  • When LM is pressed, the camera does not rotate with the character anymore
  • When jumping into objects from below, the character bounces off immediately
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variable “Support Walking Backwards” for better character alignment when walking backwards
  • Improved the provided demo shader
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to turn the camera upside down in first-person mode


  • Fixed a bug in first person view which caused the camera to behave incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to force the camera under terrain for a few frames
  • Added the possibility to group the RPGCamera script variables in the inspector


  • Fixed an animation bug in the demo caused by Unity’s new editor version 5.1.1f1
  • Improved interleaving of scripts
  • Improved RPGController and RPGMotor scripts
  • Implemented a better approach for camera rotation
  • Introduced new RPGCamera variables:
    • Used Skybox
    • Constrain Mouse X
    • Mouse X Min
    • Mouse X Max
  • Moved the variable “Align Character With Camera” to RPGCamera and renamed it to “Align Character” to improve readability and efficiency
  • Updated manual instructions


  • Added animations controlled by Mecanim
  • Added a walking toggle
  • Object fading between the camera and its pivot
  • Different occlusion handling modes selectable
  • Tag dependent camera zoom enforcement (easy setup in the inspector)
  • Slower backwards walking if desired
  • 21 new public variables for easier and more customization
  • New GUI for the demo
  • Replaced the RPGClipPlane by the RPGViewFrustum and moved view frustum computations there
  • Removed a bug where you could jump while sliding resulting in greater jumps


  • Update for Unity 5


  • Complete revision
  • Huge amount of new controller and camera features added
  • UML diagram included
  • Let out the animation scripting


  • Added the “RPG_Animation” script
  • Added a capsule model with animation clips attached to it
  • Changed object hierarchy of the “PlayerChar” object
  • The cursor is not locked anymore if you press the left mouse
  • New public variable “fallingThreshold” in “RPG_Controller” defining the terrain height at which the character starts to stumble
  • Setting the layer of PlayerChar to “Ignore Raycast” is not necessary anymore
  • Some code and names improved/edited for clearer understanding